I commissioned ichan-desu for another pic, something more explicit than the previous one. This time around, Lana and her good friend/roommate Adrian have a little fun before the day starts. Beforehand, Lana makes sure to get enough lube to help ease that monster inside her. As Adrian slides his massive cock inside Lana’s ass, she can’t help but smile and bite her lip in anticipation. The pleasurable sensation is almost bearable for her (and he’s not even halfway in!). He sees how happy she is and glad he’s not hurting her. As he slides it deeper and deeper, she lets a small squee of joy as she knows what’s gonna be in store for her soon. 🙂

I love this pic. The expression, the sex, everything is awesome about this pic. I can’t sing ichan-desu’s praises enough. You definitely should go and check his DA page to see more of his work. Enjoy!