Got some new stuff for the next week. To start things off, I got this set done commissioned by Ferd Liwinag, who wanted to see tongue and nipple action between the girls. This time, Krissy & Cindy are up to the task with Lana watching at the sidelines (sorry babe). Cindy pushes Krissy’s huge breasts, hoping one day to be as her. As she squeezes them together (with Krissy’s help), she flicks her tongue around Krissy, giving her a pleasurable vibe. Cindy then allows Krissy a taste of what she enjoys as she lets Krissy lick her tongue. After they deeply kiss each other, Krissy gets Cindy on the bed and begin to lick her nipples. As she does so, she slides her fingers into Cindy’s pussy, pushing her to the brink of orgasm.

As I worked on these, I changed out the lighting a bit on the last one. I got some good advice from DoubleDirk over on the Affect3D forum (which you should go to). I like the results, but I wanna know what you think too. Comment below if you want to. Until then enjoy!