Sorry for the lack of updates,  here’s a new pic and a few others for today. With the next WWE game coming out (the series that helped spawn her), I felt doing a new one for her. I haven’t done Justine in a while and shame on me for that! She’s one of my first original characters and in the top three of all time! Either way I expect to do more pics of her within the next coming weeks. Also, I wanted to do some lighting tests and wanted to see what I come up with. Enjoy!

I also added a few pics that were posted on the twitter feed and on Affect3D featuring Lana in a two piece and in some leather gloves and boots. I’m really liking the leather look on Lana. Very controlling if you ask me. Seems like I could use it for something else….but that day will come soon enough. 🙂 Enjoy!