New commission for today for PurgatoryBrandon, who wanted a commission of his OC Purgy being surrounded by a wall of cocks and getting cummed all over (similar to the Sponty one from a few months back). She holds onto to two jugs filled with cum, demanding more from her horny guests. To keep them (and herself) entertained, she begins to jerk off her massive cock with her tits. As the other cocks begin to come, she doesn’t flinch away. Purgy openly lets the cum hit her body without blinking, even going so far to open her mouth and sticking out her tongue. As the semen continues to fly on her, she continues to self-tittyfuck herself until she explodes a hot sticky stream of goo everywhere.

As a quick warning, Purgy is a futa and there’s a few horse cocks involved, so if that’s not your thing, then don’t click. For everyone else, there’s a clean and messy version. Enjoy!