New work I’ve recently gotten from DirtyMonkey as part of an art trade. from what I’ve gotten, he’s supposedly a primate that’s not only filthy but also incredibly talented. That or he’s a human with a made-up screen name. 😀 Anyway, definitely do check out his artwork over at Hentai-Foundry. He’s a phenomenal artist and I love the work he producing. Hell, this one was part of an art trade. I’m about to drop some cash in his direction for the next one (and maybe another)!

Lana is getting fucked anally as some of the guy watch with excitement. As the huge cock continues to penetrate inside her ass, waves of orgasmic vibes stream inside her entire body. As she hits her peak, the guy all explode their hot sticky cum over her body. Lana is left in a completely mess. I wonder how she’s gonna get clean up….

Quick commission update: I got a good amount of notes and emails. So I’m working on organizing them to make the decision of how the list will go. Expect to see an email from me shortly guys. Thanks!