Got commissioned a while ago from IronHake featuring Perfidus’ OC Keetsie. Here she is at the dirty bathroom with a beefed up Male Zoey keeping her on a leash. Keetsie roleplays as MZoey’s slave as he rests his monster cock on her head. She seems annoyed but enjoys the game. It gets a bit rough as she gets her ass fucked and is forced to give him a rimjob. Soon, he shoots a huge cum load, hitting her and the stall (which she doesn’t let go to waste). It’s out of my norm, but this was a fun commission to do. Plus, who doesn’t a little catgirl on Rule 63 action? 😀

While I’m at it, I’ve got something also commissioned from IronHake as one of my Patreon supporters. This one features their OC Joan Wilks pleasuring MZoey (this time in regular form) on her yacht. If you wanna check out more stuff before it’s posted up here along with WIPs and more, then be sure to pledge to my Patreon. Until then, enjoy!