Update for today (with a quick update on how I’m doing since surgery after the sexy stuff). But before we get to that, I’m hosting a raffle giveaway on twitter to celebrate hitting 5,000 followers recently. If you wanna see how you can enter, then click this link and find out how. Also, my Patreon is up and running again. So if you wanna to support me there, then you can do so by clicking here. Now onto the porn stuff!

This one was commissioned by Typhos47 and features Aranea from….something famous. Yeah, let’s go with that. After a light swim, Aranea meets a couple of guys who wanna give her a little fun in the sun. They proceed to remove her swimsuit and spitroast her, fucking her mouth and pussy at the same time. Before long, they double penetrate her hard before giving her some “sunscreen” to help her with the sun’s UV rays.

In addition to this mini-set, I also have a few pinups of her (with a cum variant on one of them) as well. Enjoy!

Health update: I saw the doctor last week and so far, the transplant has been good so far. The kidney is functioning properly with a few things I need to work on like increasing my phosphorus (which, ironically, had to keep down during dialysis) and magnesium. I still can’t drive for another month or so and I have to keep track of what I eat, but so far, things have been going smoothly. I also had the staples from the incision area removed, so that area is not as irritating as before. Hopefully, the next visit I’ll have more good news to share. Anyway, thanks again for the support and I will keep you posted on this.