Got a few commissions a while back from long time client Vidayen featuring three of his girls (including a new one). The first two are familar faces, but their models have been updated. First one is Dancer, which may be my fourth redesign of the character since I first worked on her many years ago. I did a mini-set with her as a secretary which I’ll post up a bit later, but here are a couple of pinups of her in her newest form (plus an alt version for each with some BE action).

Next up is Aginia, a strong warrior with a penchant of fighting and fucking (maybe both if there’s time). I really love the look of the Aginia as she has a strong look along with a MILF-esque body. I did a few things with her including a gangbang scene as she takes on a few big cocks.

Lastly, this one is a newer creation from Vidayen named Yuki Moonborn. I don’t know much about her, but here’s hoping we’ll see more of her in the future. Enjoy!