Another update featuring Miss Elizabeth (oooh yeah!) & Zoey commissioned by Nuflash. After their escapade with the toys last time, Zoey calls upon her trusty friends June, Kiara and Rylee to help settle the score. Before the fucking can start, the two are placed in cages and forced to keep the dildo in their ass the longest. The person who kept theirs in would get first dibs. Liz was unable to keep hers in, allowing for Zoey to enjoy all three of their cocks while Liz watched. After a while, she got her turn as June & Kiara DPed her while she sucked off Rylee.

Sadly, it still doesn’t look the two are any closer to figuring out who’s the horniest of them all. But maybe they’ll have another chance to find out. Until then, enjoy and be sure to subscribe to my Patreon for early access to content like this!