Please formally welcome to the Intrigue 3D roster: Nuflash’s Elizabeth! You may have seen her previously in a few commissions and full sets like DNA and Appetite For The Wicked. But she’s officially part of the crew! At the moment, we’re still working on updating the gallery, so her’s won’t be posted up at this time. But I have several updates featuring to hopefully keep you ready for her future stuff. To start, let’s begin with some pinups!

Next up is a little set featuring her in her goth form along with Zoey. The two casually discuss their sex drive and decide to have a little contest with Zoey’s toy chest. The two try to outdo the other to prove who is the hornier of the two. Sadly, it ends in a stalemate. Luckily, Zoey has a tiebreaker in mind (which will be posted later this month)…

Next up is another piece featuring Elizabeth (in her regular style) & Zoey (as a horse cock futa). This time taking place at a gloryhole. Eliza rides Zoey’s cock between the stalls, trying to take every inch of that big cock before it spurts a load inside her pussy.

We also got a little action with her and Lana as a couple of goddesses. After the two show off their godlike bodies, the two hit it off in some lesbian action. Will we see more of these two in this goddess form? Definitely in the future.

That’s all for now. If you enjoy seeing Elizabeth and wanna see more of her (and the other I3D girls) before the next update, be sure to check out my Patreon. Not only do you get early access, you can also be part of monthly random requests along with exclusive monthly wallpaper on higher tiers. You can get access to the I3D libraries that includes released and unreleased sets. So if you haven’t done so, be sure to pledge today! Until then, enjoy!