As you can probably guess, we’re doing some changes to the site. The sidebar now has been updated to include my current social media places including Newgrounds, Pixiv, and Slushe. You can also get notified about future updates by clicking the bell in the bottom right corner. And as always, there’s my Patreon to keep me doing what I love (and hopefully you love it too). At the moment, we’re doing some changes in the backend, so stuff may be a little awkward until then. I’m hoping to get it done within the month before we roll out the major changes *coughgallerycough*, so stay tuned for that stuff.

In the meantime, I’ve got an update for today. This one was commissioned by Kingdrew51 and features Krissy getting fucked by Spice. It’s winter time, so there’s a couple of ways to keep warm: Sitting by the fire, drinking hot cocoa, or you can say “Screw all that” and fuck in the snow. That’s what Krissy & Spice decided to do. 😀

After a moment from Krissy sucking on Spice’s cock, the two get down to business as Spice fucks Krissy in her pussy. As their bodies heat up from the action, they get more and more into it. Before long, Spice leaves a huge creampie inside Krissy. Maybe the two can find another way to keep themselves warm for the winter (or any other season :D). Enjoy!