Hope everyone is having a fun Christmas Eve. I wanted to give you an early treat commissioned by Typhos47 featuring our girl Rylee. After last time with the ghost girl didn’t go her way, Rylee decides to be a hospitable guest and bring her to a more holiday-friendly area, only to fuck her as hard as possible. The ghost girl didn’t expect Rylee to be so rough, especially on her ass. But it wasn’t long before she started to enjoy it, even sucking her cock and tittyfucking it. And after all that fun, Rylee ends up leaving a white sticky Christmas miracle all over the ghost girl. Maybe next time, they can invite another ghost to the party. 😀

I know it’s a busy time of the year, so I wanted to give thanks to everyone who’s supported me over the last year. With all the major changes going on (especially that tumblr purge), I’m glad to see you all stay with me. I’d like to especially thank anyone who pledged to my Patreon, purchased my releases, left a comment here or elsewhere and those who just lurk around. Hopefully, next year will be an even bigger one. I mean, I’ve got ideas (just not very good ones :P). Again, thank you for your support. I hope you enjoy this set and have a safe holiday!