Velvet Velour (Commission)

Got a commissioned set I did for Vidayen featuring their character Velvet Velour. Velvet is an assassin for hire who not only has a killer instinct, but a killer body. There's also special modifications that allows her to augment with ease (like making her bust grow bigger to attract her targets). For tonight, she's got [...]

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Xmas Holiday Stuff

So here's the Xmas from last December that I finally get around to posting. Yeah yeah I know it's super late and we're closing in on April. Sorry about the delay, but hopefully this cheerful stuff will brighten your day. First up is a commission for Nuflash featuring their character Elizabeth interacting with Sugar & [...]

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Rando Requests & Stuff

Here's some more stuff. Outside of one thing, these were requested via Patreon. The first one though was commissioned by Egdod and features Rylee as a dom-type, mouthfucking Rachel from a famous video game. Can you guess which one? Good job. Your reward is the pics below. :) Speaking of Rylee, here's one [...]

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More Than One Group Fun

Today's update is all about group sex. A couple of these were commissioned while others were requested via Patreon (and one being a gift). To start, how about we see Lana getting her fun on with three huge cocks? While she takes Adrian's monster up her ass, she gives two other dicks a jerk. They're [...]

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