Evil Lana (And Velma)

Something I did a while back featuring Lana looking devilishly evil. With horns, tails, red eyes and a sinister attitude, who knows what possessed our sweet innocent Lana! Anyway, here's a quick pinup featuring in dickgirl and female form. Not only that, but I had paired her with our favorite mystery solving sleuth [...]

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OCs Oh Please!

Got some content for today. This one features various OCs from Patreon requests and commissions I've done in the last few months. To start, I've got stuff for Amaterasu featuring their character MeyMey, who's gotten updated and is fucking Lana along with a pinup of her. Next was requested on Patreon and featuring [...]

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Sorry about the lack of updates (personal stuff, you know how that is). So I'm gonna do another batch update, this time featuring Lana in every pic. These were mostly Patreon requests and feature Lana interacting/fucking with another character including Rylee, June, and even Rikolo's Hana and Nuflash's Elizabeth. I'll have another update sooner than [...]

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