June WIP

So I has some time to adjust June's look a bit and used some of the suggestions provided. One of the most common complaints I had was her hair. So I adjusted the specular level (May have went heavy on that) and also changed the bangs color a different color. I also increased her bust [...]

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Adam & Krissy IV + Poll Results

The past week has been hectic as hell. I haven't done much work since Girlfriends 4 Ever's DLCs was released. Luckily, it's calm down some, so now I can update the site. This one was recently commissioned by AdamFlame and it's the final installment in the Adam & Krissy series (well, for now). After fucking [...]

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Rylee Fucks A Guy + Poll That Will Determine The Fate Of The Universe (Or Just Rylee)

So if you've been visiting my tumblr, you would know that there's been a few people asking me about whether or not Rylee would fuck a guy. Well, it took a while to come up with a scenario and found the best way to introduce the idea. Now I know this isn't going to be [...]

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