Lana Liberty Vs. The Mistress

Lana Liberty is here to save the day! In the all-new Lana Liberty Vs. The Mistress, join our favorite girl Lana with her friends Krissy as the dreaded Mistress and Adrian as Lana's sidekick Long Boy as she partakes in a superhero porn movie shoot! After being captured by The Mistress, Lana Liberty is forced [...]

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Lana Liberty Update + Art By Devil-HS

I'm very close to finishing up Lana Liberty Vs. The Mistress. There's a few things left to do before it's done, but I'm pretty confident in how it's looking so far. Anyway there's a few things I can share with you. The title will go on sale this Saturday at the Affect3D Store for $12.95, [...]

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Used (But Not Abused) By T2Death

So I'm working on finishing up the set for this weekend, but I got something in my inbox yesterday, which means I'm gonna take a little detour from LL stuff to bring you some Zoey! I commissioned T2Death for an all-new pic featuring our favorite little punk getting more dicks than she bargained for. Well [...]

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Lana Liberty Update And Contest!

So next Saturday will mark the release of my next title Lana Liberty Vs. The Mistress. I've basically rendered out all the scenes and now have to do the post-work stuff (this includes cleaning up, scriptwork, fixing and putting it altogether in a neat and organized package). I don't have a final image count including [...]

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Lana’s Dream By Devil-HS

It's some new stuff from Devil-HS featuring Lana. Lana has a wild imagination. She dreamed she was surrounded by several cocks lusting over her body. The cocks were huge, pulsating, and dripping with precum. They wanted to fuck her. Lana was ecstatic about being the center of attention as the cocks began to fuck her [...]

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