Lana Turns Futa

New stuff for today, this time featuring Lana as a futa. The first one featuring Lana tittyfucking herself. She's trying to lick the tip with all the might, but can't get any closer. The second one is a cumshot pic (this was commissioned). Lana explodes with fury, showing huge strings of cum everywhere. The feeling [...]

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Keetsie Shows Off

New stuff for today. This one was commissioned by Perfidus and features Keetsie from last time. Here, we see her showing off her slick bikini after a relaxing swim. If that wasn't enough, she's also got a schoolgirl uniform, giving you a quick peek at her panties. But don't stare too long. This is an [...]

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Zoey By Zet13 + Commissions Closed

New stuff for today (and probably the last of 2D Zoey art for a while). This one is from Zet13, who previously worked on Lana. This time she tackles the blue haired punk Zoey, who casually poses (with her top off of course). I really love how Zoey turned out. Zet13's style is really fitting [...]

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Zoey With Toys by PrivatePomegranate

New stuff for today. This time, it's from PrivatePomegranate, who had another sketch day sale. So you know I had to get something. :) This time, Zoey now has some toys to play with, trying her bullet vibrator and a couple of dildos. Sometimes, it's quite fun to do it with yourself. Especially when you [...]

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Zoey By Theseus9

Continuing our Zoey escapade is some fan art of everyone's favorite blue colored mohawk girl (and if she isn't your favorite blue colored mohawk girl, then shame on you. Also send me pics of this other girl). Theseus9 contacted me a while back about doing some art featuring Zoey. I naturally obliged and received this [...]

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Lana/Krissy Staredown Commission

New stuff for today. This one was commissioned by Vader120 (I assume the 120 stands for 1:20, meaning that it's Vader time :D). Lana and Krissy stare off against one another in a battle of sex (also assumed). There's two versions: A regular version and a futa version. Enjoy!

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