Mey Mey Commission

New stuff for today. Amaterasu had recently commissioned their character Meyumi Nuyasaka or Mey Mey for short. If you're not familiar with the character, then visit Amaterasu's H-F profile to see Mey Mey's bio and some more pics from various artists. The first pic shows her relaxing in her chair while her flaccid cock hangs [...]

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Krissy Loves Coming This Saturday!

That's right! Krissy Loves will be out this Saturday and will be available at the Affect3D Store! I'm still finalizing some stuff before release, but the title is for the most part done. I worked with Krissy's creator SergeantBuck in making sure justice has been done to Krissy. And luckily, SB likes what he's seen. [...]

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