Krissy by Nekopunch and Kaboozle

Krissy's creator SergeantBuck forwarded me some art he recently got of Krissy, so I'm here to share it with you! First off, we have two pics featuring Krissy in some sexy sexy lingerie and also in the nude. Second, we have Kaboozle with various sketches of Krissy, showing you Krissy's average weekend. :D Enjoy! PS. [...]

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Lana Titfuck by RandomBoobGuy

After taking a week off from posting, it's time to update! First off, I'm happy with the response for ZFGO. I wholeheartedly thank you for taking the time to buy it. Whatever I make off of it will help in funding future titles and more stuff, so stay tuned for that! Btw have you guys [...]

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Zoey Gets Fucked (Over)

Due to some...issues, Zoey has to wear a chastity belt (what a travesty!), but she’s too horny to stay that way. She tries to convince the keyholder to set her free and she will do anything to get it. But there's someone else that's keeping her from getting her freedom... ZFGO contains a 61-page comic, [...]

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Zoey Gets Fucked (Over) Update + Winners

The release of ZGFO is imminent. There's a couple of things I'm still finalizing, but it will be ready this Saturday. I ended up adding a bit more since my last update. This is a pretty hefty set. I'm probably thinking my next one won't be as big, but we'll have to see when that [...]

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The rendering stage of the comic is done, so I might as well make the announcement. This Saturday will be the release of Zoey Gets Fucked (Over) over on Affect3D Store! That's right! It will finally be out! As we're closing in, I should probably go into some more detail about the title. As stated [...]

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Ariza & Ell Commission

New stuff for today. Finishing off the Dickgirl trilogy, it's Ariza and Ell again. This time together at last! Instead of playing around with their dicks, they decide to take the hardcore route with nonstop fucking. Ell rides on Ariza's cock, bouncing up and down while her own cock swings up and down. Ariza's mind [...]

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Superguest’s Ell + Zoey Project Update

Sorry about the week long delay. Had to take care of personal stuff, so I couldn't update the site like I wanted to. But now I'm back with a new commission from Superguest featuring their character Ell, the vampire chick with the cock that's quite a monster! Ell is peacefully jerking off, gripping the base [...]

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