Unbound Oni Commission

New stuff for today, this one for my good friend Vidayen. It features his character Unbound Oni (first time doing the character), one dangerous and sensual demon that can be your deadliest foe or your loving partner. Tonight, she's the latter, waiting for you on your bed to please your every whim. She strips herself [...]

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Lana By Mugen Illustrations

With Lana Loves' release imminent, I thought I should distract you a bit with this pic I got from Mugen Illustrations. Lana being so coy, hiding (or at least trying to) her naughty parts from the view. I really love how Lana turned out. Her huge bust spilling out from her arms. Even she's unable [...]

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Lana Loves Release This Saturday!

That's right! Lana Loves will be out this Saturday! There are still some minor things that need to be complete, but I promise it will be out mid-day Saturday (need to make sure everything goes well). Now I'm guessing you have a few questions and I'll use my psychic abilities to answer them. First off, [...]

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Art Attack Part Dos!

Gonna have an update on Lana Loves this coming Wednesday, but first, got some more art from fellow artists. First up is DirtyMonkey (yay Monkey!) with his rendition of Lana in PJs and a really excited Justine. I felt the need to get some Justine (she's in my fave five; I just need to use [...]

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Art Trades For Carmessi and MDetector5

New stuff for today. I did a couple of art trades recently with Carmessi and MDetector5. First up is Gala, Carmessi's voluptuous indian girl with a booty that will shake the earth. :D She's showing it off, even spreading her cheeks to give a better view of all its glory. :) Next up is MDetector5's [...]

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