Purgy Vs. The Minotaurs

Warning: Features Futa and Horse Cocks. New pic for today, this time featuring PurgatoryBrandon's Purgy in a tough situation. She finds herself being fucked by two minotaur-like futas cocks. They fuck continuously with their massive horse cocks that causes Purgy's mind to go numb. The pleasure overload is too much for her as she jettisons [...]

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Celebrating A Milestone

A forementioned warning: This post is me celebrating and gloating, so if you wanna skip it, feel free to scroll down to the content. Anyway, I'm excited after I've found out, according to Alexa, that the site is globally ranked within the six figures (961,032 as of this post). That means Intrigue3D is one of [...]

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Fyre Melons Commission

New pic for today. This one was commissioned by Churchill featuring his character Fyre Melons. Yes, that's an awesome name and she is an awesome character. The story behind the pic is that it's her photo shoot for porn and she's got the best person to teach the ropes: Lana! She's always been good at [...]

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And Now For Something Completely Different…

It's Lana as a giantess! I got this one done commissioned by Ghostie featuring Lana becoming bigger and having a little visitor stuck in-between her chest. Now I'm not a fan of GTS (That's supposedly the abbreviation for Giantess, but we all know what it really stands for :P), but the idea intrigued me because [...]

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