Krissy Commissions

Got another set of commissions from SergeantBuck, this time featuring his character Krissy. I like her. Tattoos, purply-red hair, and a great smile. Oh yeah. Did I forget to mention her boobs? :D Anyway, here's a solo shot of Krissy and one featuring her fucking some lucky guy. There's also a cum variant provided by [...]

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Lana Threesome by Hsefra

To continue my daily updates this week, I got a new addition to the Other Artists section. I commisioned hsefra a mini-comic featuring having some fun with two other guys. Might be getting a color version soon since the section is looking pretty black and white currently. :P But I love how this one turned [...]

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Ever since posting up A Mouthful For Lana, it's been an insane weekend. I ended up getting a huge amount of traffic that broke records. Thank you! Sincerely, thank you for helping the site grow and make Lana a major girl in the 3DX scene! Thanks! For the next few days, I got a couple [...]

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A Mouthful For Lana: Completed!

Sorry about making you guys wait another week (As a great man once said, My Bad). But your patience will be rewarded because it's finally done! The final part is now out for your enjoyment. Lana begins to provide the cock with a little tittyfuck until it finally explodes. You'll see why it's called "A [...]

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Guy Gets Some Sugar Commission

Another commission, this time from King Kubar, who wanted to see my elf Sugar get fucked by a cock that bulges out of her (ouch). There's four versions of the pic, showing different stages of the sexing. The third and final pics feature breast expansion, belly inflation and lactation. So warning if you're not into [...]

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