Lana Facialized By Ickycrane

Hmm. That's a strange sounding title. Anyway, got a super special gift earlier from Ickycrane. As you can see, Lana is being completely drenched in hot sticky cum by the guy. I really love how she looks all messy. Big thanks to Ickycrane. Definitely check out his cumshot manipulations over on his tumblr. Just wanted [...]

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Twilight Sparkle & Rainbow Dash Commission

Yeah. That's right. This commission for SargentBuck features two characters from MLP: Friendship In Magic in humanized forms. For Twilight Sparkle, he wanted to have her look similar to Lana (no arguments there) with Dash having a more fit look to her. There's two versions with just a minor difference (in case you don't want [...]

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Lana & Cindy 2 Commission

Another commission for Ferd Liwanag featuring some titty licking action with Cindy and Lana. I'm really happy to see my characters are slowly getting popular with the people who want to commission them in different scenarios. But enough rambling. Enjoy! If you haven't seen the first one, you can see it over here.

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