Gift For Berggie

Bah! I was suppose to post this up yesterday, but had to clear some things up with my host. If I didn't, the site would've hit the bandwidth (so support me and randomly click areas with flashing pictures on the site ;)). Now that it's settled, here's another pic of April proclaiming to the world [...]

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Art Trade: Berggie

I recently did an art trade with Berggie over at DA. Great artist and great guy too. We each did a pic depicting our characters, Lana (mine) and April (his), in different scenarios. I hope you enjoy them and definitely check out his page. Or else... BTW Poll is closing tomorrow, so if you haven't [...]

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Sponty Gangbang Commission

WARNING: MANY DICKS AHEAD. AND NOT ALL HUMAN. Probably best to start with the warning first and then move along, but in any case, I got another commission from Kaizerfreak featuring his character, the lovable big-breasted bunny girl Sponty. This time, she's in a gangbang with multiple cocks surrounding her. Human, dogs, horses, demons, I [...]

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2-0-1-2 Winning Pics

Sorry about the lack of updates lately. From trying to finish commissions, an art trade, working at Affect3D and watching a funkasaurus, I'm pretty low on time. But I have an update for today. It's the choice pics from the winners of the 2-0-1-2 contest I ran earlier this month. The winners were 3DFan and [...]

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