Lana Liberty Update And Contest!

So next Saturday will mark the release of my next title Lana Liberty Vs. The Mistress. I've basically rendered out all the scenes and now have to do the post-work stuff (this includes cleaning up, scriptwork, fixing and putting it altogether in a neat and organized package). I don't have a final image count including [...]

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Coming Next Month: Lana Liberty!

I've already told my patreon supporters about it, but I wanted to make this official. There will be a new title featuring Lana as her superhero alter-ego Lana Liberty. At this time, the working title is "Lana Liberty Vs. The Mistress" and will also feature Krissy as the role of The Mistress and Adrian as [...]

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Quick Update on Workout!

Alright, so the release date for my next title is this coming Saturday. I hope everyone is prepared for the release. There's a few details about the title: The set will feature over 120 images. I'm not done rendering and won't be until maybe Wednesday. The main portion (Krissy/Rylee) will be 94 images. There's also [...]

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Coming Next Month: Workout!

So I've got some exciting news to share. My next title will be called Workout! and it will be released on February 14th (that's right, Valentine's Day). The title will feature Krissy and new girl Rylee (you remember her, right?) Workout! will feature futa-on-girl action and will contain around 90 images for the main story. [...]

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Coming Next Month: Zoey Loves!

I announced this earlier on Patreon this week, but I think it's time to let the cat out of the bag here. I'm announcing that I'm working on my next title Zoey Loves and it will be released on November 15th! This set will be a departure from the previous Love series. For one, it's [...]

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Kiara’s Debut Preview – Final Update!

Today's the last preview (until Saturday) of Kiara's Debut. This time, we see her play around with her cock. I didn't post the whole scene because it's around 20 images. So enjoy this small preview of that scene. :) And what's this?! A special surprise appearance from someone? But who?! Yep, that's right. Lana is [...]

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Kiara’s Debut Preview – Third Update!

Another update for Kiara's Debut. Finally, she removes the shorts! :) There should be one last update before we hit the release this Saturday. So enjoy these preview and let me know what you think! Btw don't forget to follow me on tumblr, where you can find a couple of new pics featuring Lana. Check [...]

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Kiara’s Debut Preview Update

I've got another preview of Kiara's Debut up now. This update is only 5 images (the other updates will be around the same amount), but I believe that will be the most important update I make yet. Like before, the previews are 1280x720. The comic will be 1920x1080 when it's released on Aug. 9th. Enjoy! [...]

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Kiara’s Debut Preview + Updates!!!

Finally! After a long week, I have the preview for Kiara's Debut (that's the title!). To start things off, we'll get to know a little about Kiara and also get some top nudity. Not much is going on here, but you'll definitely want to read between the lines. ;) Click here to see the preview or [...]

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