Deviline + Update

Got lots of stuff featuring Deviline, DevilHS' hot demon girl. She's one of my fav characters, so I had to do something with her. As you can see, she's a horny nymph that wants nothing more than to fuck (and maybe get your soul). Anyway, there's two varieties of her: Dickgirl and without. Check them [...]

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Bree Commission

Here's another commission I worked on for Super-Badger, this time featuring a new character known simply as Bree. This busty blonde college student (say that four times fast) enjoys all the things a young adult loves: Hanging out at the clubs, going on Facebook, getting naked in public. You know, the usual stuff. Bree loves [...]

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Coming Soon: Succubus Lust

I've got some previews to my upcoming release Succubus Lust, which will be out this Saturday! Adrian finds himself lost and in front of a mysterious demoness named Dancer. Dancer has had her eyes on Adrian for quite some time. Luckily for him, she's not in the mood to take his soul or life. She [...]

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Krissy & Lana + Quick Announcement

I've got some Krissy & Lana stuff for today. The first two were requested via Patreon. The first is a selfie of the two after a shoot. After being cummed on, you'd expect the girls to clean themselves up, which is where the second pic lead us. The two gives themselves a quick rinse, but [...]

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Addison’s Mission

Love alien girls getting fucked by huge cocks? Well, I hope you're excited because I'm excited to announce that my latest title Addison's Mission is now available and can be purchased today! Addison, a pink alien working as a researcher for the Intergalactic Trade Federation, has been sent by her commanding officer to visit the [...]

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Preview: Addison’s Mission

Another preview for this weekend's release Addison's Mission. The main portion will contain 75 images, but I'll be working on some extra between now and Saturday. The title will be available to my $15+ supporters on Patreon (you'll have to be one before Friday) and will also be available for sale at Affect3D Store and [...]

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Coming Soon: Addison In Space

I wanted to make a quick announcement about the upcoming release this month. The tentative title is currently called Addison In Space and will be coming out January 21st (so two weeks from now). The set will feature the busty alien girl Addison exploring an unknown planet, but soon finds the race that dwells there [...]

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