Kiara & Krissy At The Beach

After a hectic vacation (All In was fun as fuck btw), I took a short break. But I'm back with another update. This one was commissioned by Kingdrew51 and features Kiara hanging out with Krissy at the beach. As the two relax in the nude while getting some rays, Kiara can't help but notice Krissy's [...]

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Raider Krissy & Tribal Rylee

Sorry about the lack of updates, but I've got a pretty hefty set recently commissioned that got extended via requests on Patreon. We see the return of Raider Krissy! After her last adventure, she returns to the site where it all happen, but finds the statue is gone. (Un)fortunately, she's being watched by the ferocious [...]

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Lots Of Lana

Sorry about the lack of updates. Been working on some stuff behind the scenes for the site, which are gonna take some time. In any case, I have a bunch of stuff featuring our lovely Lana. Most of them (except for the last stuff) were requested on Patreon. If you wanna check out more content, [...]

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Pull Up Challenge (Commission)

Got a commission done a while back for Sneedham featuring his characters Hilda and Naomi interacting with Rylee. Rylee thinks she's the strongest girl at her gym, but Hilda begs to differ and challenges her to a pull up contest. Naomi volunteers herself to ref the two, but with one caveat: They have to do [...]

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Velienax & Yuriko (Commission)

Sorry about the lack of updates. Time is a terrible mistress. Because I'm really behind on schedule, this week I'll be updating everyday with something until I'm sorta caught up. For today, we have a special commission done for Vidayen featuring his girls Velienax & Yuriko. Velienax had a major upgrade since the last time [...]

2018-06-04T17:28:34+00:00June 4th, 2018|Categories: Commissions|6 Comments

Velvet Velour (Commission)

Got a commissioned set I did for Vidayen featuring their character Velvet Velour. Velvet is an assassin for hire who not only has a killer instinct, but a killer body. There's also special modifications that allows her to augment with ease (like making her bust grow bigger to attract her targets). For tonight, she's got [...]

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Rando Requests & Stuff

Here's some more stuff. Outside of one thing, these were requested via Patreon. The first one though was commissioned by Egdod and features Rylee as a dom-type, mouthfucking Rachel from a famous video game. Can you guess which one? Good job. Your reward is the pics below. :) Speaking of Rylee, here's one [...]

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More Than One Group Fun

Today's update is all about group sex. A couple of these were commissioned while others were requested via Patreon (and one being a gift). To start, how about we see Lana getting her fun on with three huge cocks? While she takes Adrian's monster up her ass, she gives two other dicks a jerk. They're [...]

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OCs Oh Please!

Got some content for today. This one features various OCs from Patreon requests and commissions I've done in the last few months. To start, I've got stuff for Amaterasu featuring their character MeyMey, who's gotten updated and is fucking Lana along with a pinup of her. Next was requested on Patreon and featuring [...]

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