Alison & Lana In The Bath + Announcement!

Another commission from evilhero2517 featuring their character Alison interacting with our very own Lana (Previous edition!). The two decide to take a nice relaxing bath together. From there, it gets pretty kinky as they both decide to fuck in the steamy waters. It leads me to ask how can they be so clean when they're [...]

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Cortana Fucks Herself

This one was requested by Calista and features everyone's favorite AI Cortana. Unlike most AIs, Cortana is sentient and can do a lot of things most programs can't. Cortana realizes that while she can't fuck a real person, she can however fuck a version of herself. Cortana spawns a second version of her while giving [...]

May 22nd, 2016|Categories: Pictures|9 Comments

Art By Arteria & Devil-HS

I got some artwork recently from Arteria & Devil-HS, all featuring Lana. Arteria had a sketch commission special, so I went and got few pics featuring our girl doing various thing. From showing off her ass to getting fucked in said ass, just a few fun sketch pics you can enjoy. You should check out [...]

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Gorakna & Cindy

Here's a commission I did a while back featuring the hung and horny orc Gorakna giving Cindy a hard dicking (plus a solo pinup of her)! Cindy is not the brightest girl in the world. When stubbling in the forest, she found an ancient land that looked inhabited. Well, she was wrong about that as [...]

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Krissy’s Footjob

This one was commissioned by Laris194 and features the previous version of Krissy (probably the last time we'll see her) giving one lucky fellow a ol' fashioned foot massage. Krissy rubs her feet across Johnny's cock, teasing him in different ways in order to arouse him even further. With the sole of her foot right [...]

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Street Fuckers!

So today I've got some stuff featuring two character that might look familiar to you. This one was requested by Watatsumi through Patreon and features Chun-Li and Cammy (the futa variety) squaring off in the middle of a desolate street while wearing very little (because hey, why not?). The battle intensifies as the two go [...]

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Art Stuff From RBG & Devil-HS

Got a couple of stuff in earlier from RBG (aka RandomBoobGuy) and Devil-HS. First it's a sketch commission from RBG featuring Lana getting a full nelson anal fucking! Lana doesn't think she's all that flexible, but Adrian thought he could help her stretch those muscle out. And also her ass! While fucking her, Adrian grabs [...]

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Devil-HS’ Stripes

So many of you know that Devil-HS is one of my favorite artists and someone I commission on a frequent basis. Well I decided to do something special and do some work with his character Stripes, the wickedly sexy witch with a body that puts a spell on males. To kick things off, we have [...]

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