Commissions Closed

It's Wednesday where I'm at, meaning commissions are open again! Like I said last time, there's 5 slots available with 3 pics per slot. And it's based on interest, not first-come first-serve. So the door is open for anyone until a couple of days (less if people come up with really interesting stuff). So if [...]

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Mey Mey Commission

New stuff for today. Amaterasu had recently commissioned their character Meyumi Nuyasaka or Mey Mey for short. If you're not familiar with the character, then visit Amaterasu's H-F profile to see Mey Mey's bio and some more pics from various artists. The first pic shows her relaxing in her chair while her flaccid cock hangs [...]

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Commission Update + Other Updates Of Some Sort

So I got a couple of updates, including one regarding commissions. But let's start with the boring stuff first!   Retired Girls section If you scroll over The Girls link above, you'll notice there's a sublink to the section Retired Girls. Basically, it means if I don't have any plans or ideas for the girls [...]

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Fyre At The Beach

New stuff for today featuring Churchill's character Fyre, this time relaxing at the beach. While it's getting colder and colder up stateside, the beaches in South America was a welcome change. Fyre shows off her new bikini, but realizes it's better to be naked and playing with yourself in public. :D Enjoy!

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Zoey, Ariza, and Ell

New pic for today. I did this one a while back for Ariza and Superguest featuring their characters fucking Zoey. This is a new experience for Zoey as she's never fucked a futa, let alone two that have massive cocks! But there's no time to waste as all of them are fucking horny. Ell sticks [...]

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Zoey Art Attack!

I'm pretty happy with the sales of Krissy Loves so far (outside of that problem on Saturday), so now it's time to get back to regularly updating the site. I got a few pics done over the last couple of weeks. The first two are from Lemonfont. If you don't know who Lemonfont is, he [...]

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Krissy Loves

Krissy Loves is a 63 image set showcases Krissy in so many ways. Love seeing her body? We've got pinups! Love seeing her get fucked? There's a bunch of pics featuring that too. Wanna see her with a cock? That's included! How about bigger breasts? Yes! Yes! Yes! It's all here! You can get it [...]

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Krissy Loves Coming This Saturday!

That's right! Krissy Loves will be out this Saturday and will be available at the Affect3D Store! I'm still finalizing some stuff before release, but the title is for the most part done. I worked with Krissy's creator SergeantBuck in making sure justice has been done to Krissy. And luckily, SB likes what he's seen. [...]

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Keeping Warm

Yay! It's a brand new year! That means I have a new offering for today: A wallpaper featuring Lana! Sadly, no nudity (boo!). But I should have some news on Krissy Loves in the next couple of days (yay!). I wanted to do show Lana trying to stay warm during the winter at her home. [...]

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