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So I got a couple of updates, including one regarding commissions. But let’s start with the boring stuff first!   Retired Girls section If you scroll over The Girls link above, you’ll notice there’s a sublink to the section Retired Girls. Basically, it means if I don’t have any plans or ideas for the girls […]

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Well, that was some weekend. Lana Loves is finally out. I want to thank you guys for supporting over the last few years and those who took the time to get Lana Loves. I definitely feel like making more sets for you in the future, but I still haven’t hit my target goal. Once I […]

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Wanted to make a post about a couple of news bits. First, I wanna let everyone know that commissions are closed at this time. I currently have several projects I’m working on at once and cannot add anymore people to the waiting list. I’ll work to get through the list  and reopen again as soon […]


Not a new pic today, but I felt like posting up a something from AWOLNATION you might enjoy listening to. Outside of the WTF nature of the video, the song is really catchy and I can’t stop listening to it. More pics tomorrow. Until then… And don’t forget about the post under this one. Whoever […]